7-Zip manual: Menu Items and Shortcut Keys

Menu Items and Shortcut Keys

Menu Items

Note: 'Grey' refers to the numeric keypad.


Menu item Shortcut Description
System Submenu with menu commands from system shell. It can be enabled in Options.
Open Enter Open current item
Open Inside Ctrl+PgDn Open current item as folder inside 7-Zip
Open Outside Shift+Enter Open current item in new window
View F3 Open selected item with viewer
Edit F4 Open selected item with editor
Rename F2 Rename selected item
Copy To... F5 Copy selected items
Move To... F6 Move selected items
Delete Delete Delete selected items
Split file... Split file to parts
Combine files... Combine files to one file
Properties Alt+Enter Show Properties of file
Comment Ctrl+Z Set comment for file
Calculate checksum Calculates CRC checksum for files
Diff Show the differences between two files. It can be enabled, if the diff program is set in Options
Create Folder F7 Create new folder
Create File Shift+F4 Creates new file
Link... Create symbolic link or hard link
Alternate Streams Show alternate file streams at NTFS.
Exit Alt+F4 Closes the program.


Menu Item Shortcut Description
Select All Shift+[Grey +] Select all items
Deselect All Shift+[Grey -] Select all items
Invert Selection [Grey *] Select / Deselect all items
Select... [Grey +] Select specified items
Deselect... [Grey -] Deselect specified items
Select by Type Alt+[Grey +] Select all items with the same extension as current item
Deselect by Type Alt+[Grey -] Deselect all items with the same extension as current item


Menu Item Shortcut Description
Large IconsCtrl+1 Displays items by using large icons
Small IconsCtrl+2 Displays items by using small icons
List Ctrl+3Displays items in a list
Details Ctrl+4Displays items in a list with detailed information about each item
Name Ctrl+F3 Sort items by Name
Type Ctrl+F4 Sort items by Type
Date Ctrl+F5 Sort items by Date
Size Ctrl+F6 Sort items by Size
Unsorted Ctrl+F7 Do not sort items
Flat View Switch Flat view mode for list of files
2 Panels F9 Switch On/Off second panel
Toolbars Menu items for toolbars handling
Open Root Folder \ Open root computer folder
Up One Level Backspace Open the folder one level up
Folders History... Alt+F12 Open folders history
Refresh Ctrl+R Refresh items list
Auto Refresh If "Auto Refresh" is enabled, 7-Zip reloads list of files, if there are changes in files on drive.


Menu Item Shortcut Description
Add folder to Favorites as Adds folder to favorities


Menu Item Shortcut Description
Options... Open Options dialog box
Benchmark Measure the performance of your computer with 7-Zip LZMA benchmark


Menu Item Shortcut Description
Contents... F1 Opens 7-Zip Help
About 7-Zip... Opens About dialog box

Miscellaneous commands

Shortcut Description
Tab Switch between panels
Insert Select / Deselect current item
Shift+F10 Display the shortcut menu for the selected items
Open folder bookmark
Creates folder bookmark
Alt+F1 Edit the Folder Address on left panel
Alt+F2 Edit the Folder Address on right panel
Alt+Up Open same folder in other panel
Open current folder in other panel
Ctrl+[Grey +] Adjust optimal column width for items
Ctrl+C Copy the name of selected file to clipboard

Keyboard Shortcuts

Key Normal Ctrl Alt Shift
Tab Switch panel
F1 Help Left Path
F2 Rename Right Path
F3 View Sort by Name
F4 Edit Sort by Type Exit Create File
F5 Copy Sort by Date
F6 Move Sort by Size
F7 Create Folder Unsorted
F9 1/2 Panels
F10 Menu Shortcut Menu
F12 Folders History
0-9 R: Folder BookmarkFolder Bookmark
A Select All
C Copy to clipboard
N Create File
R Refresh
Z Comment
Backspace Up One Level
Enter Open Properties Open outside
Insert Select Item
Delete Delete Item
Page Down Open Inside
Page Up Up One Level
Up Open same folder
Left Open current folder
Right Open current folder
\ Open root
Grey / Open root
Grey * Select All
Grey + Select Adjust columns Select by Type Select All
Grey - Deselect Deselect by Type Deselect All

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