7-Zip manual: -spf (Use fully qualified file paths) switch

-spf (Use fully qualified file paths) switch

-bs (Set output stream for output/error/progress line) switch


{id} Stream Type
o standard output messages
e error messages
p progress information
{N} Stream Destination
0 disable stream
1 redirect to stdout stream
2 redirect to stderr stream

Default values: o1, e2, p1.


7z t a.7z -bse1 > messages.txt

tests a.7z archive and sends error messages to stdout that is redirected to messages.txt

7z a -si -so -bsp2 -txz -an < file.tar > file.tar.xz

compresses file.tar (from stdin) to file.tar.xz (stdout stream) and shows progress information in stderr stream that can be seen at console window.

Commands that can be used with this switch

a (Add), d (Delete), h (Hash), l (List), e (Extract), u (Update), x (Extract with full paths)

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