7-Zip manual: 7-Zip File Manager

7-Zip File Manager

7-Zip File Manager

The 7-Zip File Manager is a program for manipulating files and folders.

The 7-Zip File Manager can work with two panels. You can switch between panels by pressing the Tab button. Most of the operations can be executed using keyboard shortcuts or by right-clicking on items and selecting the appropriate command from menu.

In This Section

Menu Items and Shortcut Keys
Describes the menu items and keyboard shortcut.
Options Dialog Box
Describes what settings you can change that affect the 7-Zip File Manager.
Describes a 7-Zip Benchmark for measuring CPU performance.
About Dialog Box
Provides information about 7-Zip.
Describes plugins for the 7-Zip File Manager.

You have access to the following items from root folder in 7-Zip File Manager:

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